Vol 91, No 8 (2002)

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Prospects and problems of application of hydrocarbons as refrigerants

Zhelezny V.P., Khlieva O.Y., Bykovets N.P.


It is shown that scientifically based conclusion about the prospects for use of hydrocarbons in refrigeration equipment can be made only within the frame of modern methods of ecological, thermal and economical analysis. The main principle of ecological, thermal and economical analysis consists in taking account of the emissions of greenhouse gases during production and operation of refrigeration equipment, i.e. for the whole life cycle of the machine.

Refrigeration Technology. 2002;91(8):5-9
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Pumping and circulating system with intermediate coolant for refrigeration supply of showcases and cold rooms in shopping centers

Kokorin O.Y.


A pump-circulation refrigeration system using ecologically safe antifreeze (propylene glycol) as if cooling medium is described. A peculiar feature of the system is that in winter time for the reduction of the temperature of antifreeze entering the object to the refrigerated cold frosty air is used with the refrigeration machine being turned off.

Refrigeration Technology. 2002;91(8):12-14
pages 12-14 views

Application of a regenerative heat exchanger in the refrigeration cycle

Shishov V.V., Khodakova N.V., Mikhailov A.Y., Rakitin D.I.


Аn efficiency of use of the regenerative heat exchanger in one-stage cycle with heat regeneration for different refrigerants has been considered. It has been shown that the use of a regenerative heat exchanger provides protection of the compressor from wet stroke and results in improvement of a number characteristics of refrigerating cycle efficiency.

Refrigeration Technology. 2002;91(8):16-18
pages 16-18 views

Thermoelectric systems for thermal stabilization of small-sized radioelectronic equipment

Ismailov T.A., Evdulov O.V.


Designs of the devices for cooling and thermal stabilization of elements of small dimensions for radio electronics equipment are considered. The advantages and disadvantages of different types of devices are described, and their fields of application are indicated.

Refrigeration Technology. 2002;91(8):19-20
pages 19-20 views

Flow-through steam milk cooler with a capacity of 250 l/h

Ulitenko A.I., Pushkin V.A.


One way to increase the duration of the bactericidal phase of freshly milked milk is to cool it quickly. At the same time, the relatively low average logarithmic temperature head between the temperature of fresh milk and the temperature of the coolant used (in most cases it is water) necessitates the use of highly efficient flow-through coolers capable of functioning reliably under summer dairy farm operating conditions.

Refrigeration Technology. 2002;91(8):22-22
pages 22-22 views

Maneurop compressors and units. News. Service features (Danfoss)

Angelchev A.N.


Over the years, Danfoss has undergone significant changes, both in terms of improved equipment and customer service. Maneurop has been manufacturing compressors for 31 years. During this time the company has managed to attract millions of customers thanks to modern equipment based on advanced knowledge-intensive technologies. The merger of Danfoss with Maneurop has taken a new step in the development of compressor technology, making it possible to open a laboratory research and development center dedicated to bringing all the latest technologies to life.

Refrigeration Technology. 2002;91(8):24-25
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Spiral fast freezers (Aircool)


Aircool is one of the first Russian refrigeration companies, which started to supply and install equipment designed for the production of frozen products.
In order to ensure the best commercial appearance of frozen products it is necessary to maintain the low temperature required by technological standards in the freezing chamber. In this case, the capacity of the refrigeration unit and, accordingly, the consumed power is used only for the "pure" mass of the product.

Refrigeration Technology. 2002;91(8):26-27
pages 26-27 views

AO Kholodmash: refrigeration compressors and units

Editorial B.


The main products of Kholodmash AO are refrigeration compressors of small cooling capacity (up to 3 kW) and compressor-condensing units designed for commercial refrigeration equipment. In recent years, the plant has mastered mass production of P series compressors manufactured according to Electrolux Compressors technology.

Refrigeration Technology. 2002;91(8):29-31
pages 29-31 views

METRA platform scales: new models - high quality


OOO NPP "Metra", representing the world-class weighing equipment on the domestic market for more than 10 years, continues to expand the possibilities of tensometric platform scales in all industries.

Refrigeration Technology. 2002;91(8):47-47
pages 47-47 views

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