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Bitzer screw compressors are 20 years old


20 years ago, Bitzer founded a new business area - the production of screw compressors for refrigeration and air conditioning systems. The success and achievements of Bitzer Kulmaschinenbau GmbH began with series production of the OST7061 type screw compressor in the assembly plant in Sindelfingen on January 26, 1983. At that time, annual production was only about 500 compressors. By the end of 2003 it should increase to about 13,600 compressors. The production of this series in 1983 and its successful operation helped to refute the argument that screw compressors with a volumetric capacity of less than 300 m³/h should not be used.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(11):2-5
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Stirling refrigeration machines - patent research and scientific and technical forecast of development trends until 2010

Kirillov N.G.


Principles of patent search carried out in the field of Stirling machines are considered. Countries and companies carrying out the most intensive work in this direction of technique since 1976 have been determined. The dynamics of taking out patents on Stirling machines on the whole and on certain directions of design improvement has been evaluated. According to the obtained results a forecast determining the promising directions of research in the field of Stirling machines up to 2010 year has been drawn up.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(11):6-10
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Grasso Refrigeration, LLC: refrigeration systems, original spare parts and original service for Grasso equipment


Grasso Refrigeration, LLC is a subsidiary of Grasso International.
Grasso Refrigeration, LLC provides a comprehensive approach to solving a number of complex problems arising in enterprises of various industries.
Today, Grasso Refrigeration, LLC has extensive experience in the market and can offer a wide range of refrigeration equipment and services.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(11):12-12
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Autonomous cooling system for high-power ion lasers

Ulitenko A.I., Praded V.V., Pushkin V.A.


The problems of intensification of conditions for heat exchange in « liquid- to-air» refrigerating systems on the basis of heat dissipating elements with spiral-wire finning are considered. The analytical correlations for the calculation and optimization of such systems are presented. Based on the investigations a high efficiency air heat exchanger with the dissipated capacity up to 16 kW has been designed. The design of self-contained refrigeration system for powerful gas lasers as used in medical apparatuses for diagnostics of cancer diseases, in show-business and in a number of devices operated in mobile objects is described.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(11):14-16
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Prospects for the development of refrigerant technology

Kuznetsov I.A.


Cryotec has been supplying refrigerants to the Russian market for many years and is currently the distributor of the French company ATOFINA (formerly ELF ATOSNEM). This issue deals with specific ozone-safe refrigerants offered to replace ozone-depleting working substances.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(11):18-19
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Cooling of the Petelinskaya poultry farm

Akhmetzyanov M.T.


This article describes the technical solutions incorporated in the refrigeration system of the reconstructed part of the enterprise, namely the slaughter line at the Petelinskaya poultry farm.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(11):22-23
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YORK - supplier of turnkey solutions


Of all the different types of refrigeration consumers, the vast majority require air or liquid cooling. In these cases, YORK has developed a number of standard, most in-demand refrigeration solutions that can be adapted to each specific site.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(11):26-28
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Stationary ammonia gas analyzer "Signal-03A"


Ammonia refrigeration plants (ARF) belong to the objects of high danger, which is connected with high toxicity of ammonia and explosiveness of ammonia-air mixture.
The control and timely detection of ammonia leaks is necessary to provide safe operation of ACU as well as to protect the health of the operating personnel.
SIGNAL-03A" device was developed taking into account "Rules of ammonia and refrigerating plants construction and security" (PB-09-220-98) and meets all the requirements.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(11):29-29
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Ice-breaking: the physics of the process and practice

Kuznetsov B.A., Goncharova G.Y., Leppyanen H.


For information: a man-day of an experienced "Ledovar" invited from Scandinavian countries by some Russian clubs costs the latter from $1,000 to $5,000. In Russia it costs the latter between 1000 and 5000 dollars. The freezing process takes from three days to two weeks, depending on the technology used.
This publication opens a series of articles in which their authors will try to summarize their experience in the design and operation of engineering and technological systems of sports ice facilities.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(11):36-39
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Soyuzkholodprom will become a Russian...


On October 1, 2003, a general meeting of the Union of Refrigeration Industry Enterprises was held at the Department of Food Resources of the Government of Moscow, which was the initiator of its creation. The meeting was attended by members of the Board of Trustees: Minister of the Moscow Government, Head of the Department of Food Resources A.I. Baburin, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Agrarian Issues G.V. Kulik, Deputy Head of the Department of Consumer Market and Services of Moscow A.M. Kochetkov, Deputy Head of Agroindustrial Complex and Food Ministry of Economic Development and Trade V.V. The invitees included A.V. Baranenko, President of the International Academy of Refrigeration and Rector of St. Petersburg University of Low Temperature Technologies. Among the invitees there were M. Mamikonyan, Chairman of the Board of the Russian Meat Union, Y. Alyoshin, Director of the State University VNII, Y. Abramyan, T. Burdzenidze, I. Gordeev, G. Movsisyan, O. Klimashkin, A. Lebedev and A. Ilyin, heads of the largest refrigerating plants. On behalf of the deputies of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Belarus and Russia N.P. Masherova, First Deputy Chair of the Central Council of the Union Public Chamber, sent her greetings to the participants of the meeting.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(11):40-41
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Seminar on artificial ice rinks

Mingazheva T.


On October 21-23, 2003 the seminar "Artificial Ice: New Technologies, Old Problems and Solutions" was held in Moscow. The idea of the seminar was born from the increasing demand for ice sports facilities in Russia and the lack of information about modern models of such facilities as well as about the companies that offer refrigeration equipment for ice sports fields.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(11):42-42
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There's no place for nothing...

Semenov Y.V.


The 24th International Specialized Exhibition "Refrigeration, Ventilation and Air Conditioning" (IKK-2003) was held on October 8-10, 2003 in Hannover, Germany.
As usual, it gathered guests and participants from all over the world. However, this year, many of the largest companies on the refrigeration equipment market were not represented at the exhibition, which, undoubtedly, shifted the emphasis in the evaluation of the exposition.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(11):44-44
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New refrigerant manufacturers

Kirov A.Y.


Cryotek has long been a traditional supplier of refrigeration agents and refrigeration oils to the Russian market. That's why we were very interested in the new manufacturers and retailers who offered these products at the IKK exhibit. Along with such large and recognized companies as Atofina, Dupont, ICI, previously unknown producers of refrigeration agents, in particular from the People's Republic of China, appeared on the world market.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(11):45-45
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A worthy substitute for ammonia

Makarov A.A.


This year's IKK-2203 was, as usual, a pleasure to see a great variety of companies and companies from all over the world exhibiting serial products as well as the latest developments on their stands. Among the new products, we would like to mention the developments related to new types of refrigerants, particularly R723.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(11):45-45
pages 45-45 views

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