Teplotekhnicheskiy raschet sistemy kholodosnabzheniya ledovoy areny

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There are quite a lot of vacant territories practically in every modern Russian city. Mainly, these are former industrial zones suitable for second use. The construction of new residential areas is not the best solution as this will create a constant additional load on the municipal and transport infrastructure. A much more rational solution is using these vacant territories for construction of modern industrial or sports and entertainment complexes, which the modern city is lacking. Unlike a night club or, for example, a fitness center, the payback of such constructions is always questionable. For large cities, one of the solutions to the problem is the construction of sports facilities in the framework of the projects for reconstruction of outdated complexes or restoration of industrial zones. This approach makes it possible to get worldclass sports sites. The article provides the heat engineering calculation of the ice arena on the basis of a concrete example (hypothetical ice arena in the city of Krasnodar). It is aimed at showing the method of heat engineering calculation of the ice arena using a specific example.

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