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Vol 109, No 5 (2020)


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Maslootdelenie v kholodil'nykh ustanovkakh

Shishov V.V.
Refrigeration Technology. 2020;109(5):19-21
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Teplotekhnicheskiy raschet sistemy kholodosnabzheniya ledovoy areny

Syazin I.E., Kas'yanov G.I., Gukasyan A.V.


There are quite a lot of vacant territories practically in every modern Russian city. Mainly, these are former industrial zones suitable for second use. The construction of new residential areas is not the best solution as this will create a constant additional load on the municipal and transport infrastructure. A much more rational solution is using these vacant territories for construction of modern industrial or sports and entertainment complexes, which the modern city is lacking. Unlike a night club or, for example, a fitness center, the payback of such constructions is always questionable. For large cities, one of the solutions to the problem is the construction of sports facilities in the framework of the projects for reconstruction of outdated complexes or restoration of industrial zones. This approach makes it possible to get worldclass sports sites. The article provides the heat engineering calculation of the ice arena on the basis of a concrete example (hypothetical ice arena in the city of Krasnodar). It is aimed at showing the method of heat engineering calculation of the ice arena using a specific example.
Refrigeration Technology. 2020;109(5):22-26
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Raschet vozdukhopodgotovki akvaparka

Shvedchikov M.Y., Ermolaev A.E.


The article gives the requirements of SanPiN, GOST related to the air treatment of a water park, which are needed for its calculation. The air treatment of the water park was calculated and practically all necessary parameters were obtained that make it possible to use them when designing a refrigerating machine for water parks of closed type.
Refrigeration Technology. 2020;109(5):27-29
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Tekhnologicheskiy raschet innovatsionnogo flyuidizatsionnogo skoromorozil'nogo apparata dlya plodoovoshchnoy produktsii

Gribov D.I.


If the company is faced with the problem of freezing quickly a large batch of smallsized products such as berries, fruits and vegetables of small size (or cut into small pieces), mushrooms, shrimps, etc., then the best solution can not be found than the use of fluidized quickfreezing machines. Of course, the cost of this equipment is slightly higher than, for example, freezing chambers, however, the reduction of freezing duration several times improves considerably the final product quality as regards both its appearance and nutrient content. These machines may differ by sizes, performances and capacities. It is these characteristics that form their final value. But, purchasing this equipment one should focus, first of all, not on the price but on the tasks to be solved. An innovation fluidized quickfreezing machine has been computed and designed for freezing smallsized and smallfraction products in a dense suspended air flow. The calculation of operational parameters for freezing green pears, as an example, is given. The thermophysical properties of pears have been investigated, a machine for pears shock freezing have been designed. The results from studies testified the influence of product properties and the entire technological process on the freezing process as well as on the power efficiency of the fluidized machine as a whole. The calculation method offered allows determining the optimal rate of air motion in the loading compartment, the duration of product freezing, the area and sizes of the grid, the capacity and sizes of the machine, the coefficient of heat transfer from the freezable product, as well as the volumetric air flow rate through the grid and the heat load on the refrigeration equipment of the machine.
Refrigeration Technology. 2020;109(5):30-33
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Furgony-morozhenshchitsy COFI Europe S.r.l

Abuzova A.M.
Refrigeration Technology. 2020;109(5):34-35
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Rynok zamorozhennoy khlebopekarnoy i konditerskoy produktsii

Kalinin R.G.
Refrigeration Technology. 2020;109(5):36-39
pages 36-39 views

Epidemii i pandemii byli vsegda!

Butorina A.V.
Refrigeration Technology. 2020;109(5):40-48
pages 40-48 views

Novye patenty Rossii po kholodil'noy tekhnike i teplovym nasosam

Rukavishnikov A.M.
Refrigeration Technology. 2020;109(5):49-52
pages 49-52 views

Global'noe poteplenie - real'nyy vyzov dlya industrii kholoda. Perspektivy i posledstviya

Tsvetkov O.B., Laptev Y.A.
Refrigeration Technology. 2020;109(5):53-60
pages 53-60 views

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