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Vol 109, No 1 (2020)


Torzhestvennoe otkrytie Sibiu II - novogo predpriyatiya Guentner Group v Rumynii

Skryabina E.A.
Refrigeration Technology. 2020;109(1):4-9
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pages 10-13 views

Pokoy nam tol'ko snitsya. Khladagenty. Nastoyashchee i budushchee

Kazantsev A.G.
Refrigeration Technology. 2020;109(1):14-21
pages 14-21 views

Basis of the computational domain selection in the problems of modeling a viscous flow in lowflow stages of a centrifugal compressor

Kartashov S.V., Kozhukhov Y.V.


The paper examines the problem of definition of the computational domain of the gasflow part at numerical simulation (RANS-approach) of gas flow in the low-flow stage of a centrifugal compressor at conditional flow rate Ф = 0.008. Several variations of replacing the design assembly of the flow part of the simulation stage with a gasdynamic model are considered: main working path of the stage; main working path of the stage taking into account the inlet area (inlet pipe and cowling); main working path of the stage taking into account the adjacent areas with full and partial connection with the gasflow part; main working path of the stage taking into account the friction surfaces of the stage rotor hub. It is shown that in case of axial suction into the stage the inlet pipe and cowling don’t significantly affect the parameter profile in front of the stage rotor and the gasdynamic characteristics of the stage. Modeling without areas adjacent to the path gives unsatisfactory quantitative and qualitative results. The most relevant option to take into account the losses of disk friction and leaks is a full twoway connection of adjacent areas with the flow part along the stage rotor disks, because when connecting only at the outlet of the stage rotor, the friction and leak losses are simulated, but the effect on the flow in the stage rotor is not taken into account. In some cases, it is important to consider the additional areas involved in friction losses.
Refrigeration Technology. 2020;109(1):22-27
pages 22-27 views

The method of a primary design of a scientifically grounded scheme for optimization an energy saving system on the basis of the steamgas power plant and an absorption lithium bromide refrigerating machine

Galimova L.V., Bayramov D.Z., Bayramov S.Z.


The selection of the scheme for optimization of a complex energy saving system was grounded. The method of creation and implementation of the methodology of obtaining necessary data to develop a simulation mathematical model necessary for solving the optimization problem was studied. Using the DataFit 9.0 mathematical analysis program the necessary dependences were obtained in a wide range of operation parameters, which later were assumed as a basis of the mathematical model and optimization program.
Refrigeration Technology. 2020;109(1):28-33
pages 28-33 views

Accounts receivable management as a factor for improving financial condition

Skryabin O.O.


The article deals with the choice of credit policy of an industrial enterprise. The influence of the chosen credit policy on the performance of an industrial enterprise is analyzed. A variant of implementing a conservative credit policy to reduce the risks of working with debtors is considered.
Refrigeration Technology. 2020;109(1):34-36
pages 34-36 views

The human thinking and mind, information and thermodynamics

Butorina A.V., Arkharov A.M., Smorodin A.I., Nesterov S.B.


“Nothing happens accidentally” - the scientists often say. The crisis of science requires new ideas and approaches, which can ensure not only the further development of science itself, but also the solution of the problems of the optimal existence and coexistence of a man and the humanity in this vast world. The change of worldviews, scientific paradigms doesn’t always run smoothly, but the motion is inevitable these are the laws of evolution. Only the science gives the only real ways for the further evolutionary development of the mankind. The human mind and thinking still remain a mystery to science. Science has tried many times to reveal the secrets of the human thinking, but so far this mystery has not been discovered. “Everything passes, everything changes” - said the ancients and they were right. Very likely, the only things that remained invariable were the human thinking and mind; they were and always will be a convincingly changeable and constant stimulant to the development of the mankind.
Refrigeration Technology. 2020;109(1):37-41
pages 37-41 views

Effect of the protein coagulation on heat and shape stability of cultured milk ice cream

Tvorogova A.A., Medvedeva T.A., Landikhovskaya A.V.


The paper deals with the investigation of the effect of the degree of milk protein coagulation on cultured milk ice cream quality indices (mixture viscosity, heat stability, shape stability and overrun). It was defined that the capability of mixture to be saturated with air decreased as its acidity increased because of the increase of the protein coagulation degree. Due to this the capability of protein to stabilize the air phase decreased. The positive effect of the process and the degree of protein coagulation on the product resistivity to thawing was proved experimentally; it was due to the product dense consistency and air low content.
Refrigeration Technology. 2020;109(1):42-44
pages 42-44 views




Fresh meat is an important source of animal protein in the human diet. Therefore, it is necessary to improve constantly well-known methods and means as well as to develop new ones aimed at increasing the shelf life of such meat, in the same time keeping its consumer properties for proper nutrition of the population. The results of experimental studies by OOO “Spektroplast” and a special theoretical approach to explanation of deep mechanism (at intercellular level) of interaction of fresh meat samples with magnetic and electrostatic fields with the aim to prolonging shelf life are presented below.
Refrigeration Technology. 2020;109(1):45-50
pages 45-50 views

Morozhenoe na rasput'e 2020 goda

Dokin D.B.
Refrigeration Technology. 2020;109(1):51-55
pages 51-55 views

Kholodil'noe oborudovanie GEA dlya proizvoditeley morozhenogo

Pivovarov K.A.
Refrigeration Technology. 2020;109(1):56-57
pages 56-57 views

Ispol'zovanie khladagenta SO2 v proizvodstve morozhenogo

Serov O.V., Ul'yanova O.V.
Refrigeration Technology. 2020;109(1):58-59
pages 58-59 views

Novye patenty Rossii po kholodil'noy tekhnike i teplovym nasosam

Rukavishnikov A.M.
Refrigeration Technology. 2020;109(1):60-64
pages 60-64 views

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