Vol 90, No 6 (2001)

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JSC "Kazankompressormash": a glorious path of half a century

Khisameev I.G., Segal A.V., Batkis G.S., Volodarsky A.S., Trusov V.E.


It is symbolic that OJSC Kazankompressormash, one of the largest compressor-building enterprises in Russia, celebrates its half-century anniversary in the first year of the new century and millennium.

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(6):2-5
pages 2-5 views

The use of domestic refrigerant mixtures for the retrofit of refrigeration machines with centrifugal compressors

Sukhomlinov I.Y., Golovin M.V., Slavutsky D.L., Saveleva I.Y., Timofeev B.D., Belyaeva O.N.


One of the urgent problems of refrigeration engineering is the conversion of refrigeration equipment to ozone-friendly refrigerants (retrofit). A special place in solving this problem is occupied by the reprofit of refrigeration machines with refrigeration centrifugal compressors operating on R12 refrigerant, which is prohibited for use.

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(6):6-7
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Heat exchange equipment of the Finnish company FINCOIL


In issue 4 of our magazine UNDER the heading “Cold from the Arctic”, the entire range of products of the Finnish company Arctica Iholesale Ltd was presented. From this issue, we begin to embroider in more detail about the company's refrigeration equipment.

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(6):9-9
pages 9-9 views

Efficiency of using heat pumps in a geothermal heat supply system

Ogurechnikov L.A.


Possible technical solutions in the systems of self-contained heat supply are considered. Thret technological directions are analyzed: traditional one with hot water boilers, a combined block installation containing a steam boiler and an absorption lithium-bromide heat pump, and vapor- compression heat pump equipment with electrical drive. Energy and cost efficiency of use of low- temperature energy-saving heat pump technologies in the systems of geothermal heat supply в shown. Scheme solutions on vapor-compression heat pumps allow to increase their competitiventA at the market for heat energy.

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(6):10-12
pages 10-12 views

Technological features of in-line contact interaction of liquid food products with carbon dioxide

Shlyakhovetsky V.M., Kasyanov G.I.


Ofdevelopment ofexpress methods ofrefrigerating technology ofprocessing of food raw material an shown by use liquid dioksid of carbon in gas jets effect, when him dinamics gas potential provides disperse of tht entered product, and cooling potential - downturn of temperature and, ifnecessary, crystal of the entered liquid product or his components, that is shown on an example of processing vinoproduct for removal tartrats.

In view of the concept of preservation of quality, ecological cleanliness and the values of receivedfoodstufi are created alternative technologies of processing multicomponent, astable liquid foodstuff, by reception gramales with uniform distribution of the components which have kept in a firm phase homogenization and instantant, inherent to initial raw material; suppression of interactions of separate complexes, radicals ek. in a product. The problems of creation of highly effective technologies of processing liquid and food pasta of foodstuff are discussed, where at processing carry out contact interaction of a product with continuously varying a phase condition dioksid of carbon.

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(6):14-15
pages 14-15 views

Industrial dehumidifiers


To maintain comfortable climatic conditions in the premises, as well as to comply with the necessary technological requirements in the production, air dryers are often used. Drying the air helps to remove excess moisture from lumber and wood, prevents the appearance of rust, mold and moisture on the walls, reduces humidity in swimming pools, museums, libraries, warehouses, basements, etc.

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(6):16-16
pages 16-16 views

Features of Carrier central air conditioners


One of Carrier's largest manufacturing plants for central air conditioners is located in the Netherlands - the Holland Heating plant. A backup line was opened in Turkey on the basis of Carrier-Alarko.

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(6):22-23
pages 22-23 views

High-efficiency evaporative condensers Ya29-IK


Evaporative condensers of Ya29-IK type are designed for operation as a part of industrial ammonia refrigeration units.

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(6):18-19
pages 18-19 views

Gelphafred compressors

Chelnintsev Y.V.


Since its inception in 1992, CARNO Joint Stock Company has been designing and manufacturing refrigeration units using the highest quality domestic products and imported components. Based on the accumulated experience, the company's specialists carefully, taking into account the operating conditions of installations in Russia, select components that are characterized by high reliability.

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(6):24-25
pages 24-25 views

Bitzer Compressor Cooling System with Controlled Injection Refrigerant (CIC)


Commissioning works. Preliminary operations are carried out first

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(6):28-29
pages 28-29 views

Insulating gas masks IP-4M and IP-5 and regenerative cartridges RP-4-01 and RP-5


Insulating gas masks IP-4M and IP-5 will protect the respiratory organs, eyes and facial skin from chemically hazardous substances (AHOV), such as ammonia, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, etc. (regardless of their concentration). They can be used when performing emergency recovery work, if it is impossible to use filtering gas masks, in conditions of lack of oxygen, etc. The IP-4M gas mask can also be used when the chlorine content in the air is up to 10%, IP-5 - when carrying out simple work underwater at a depth of up to 7 m.

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(6):41-41
pages 41-41 views

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