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Restructuring of OAO RTPK Rosmyasomoltorg refrigerating plants and modern product storage technologies

Vygodin V.A.


The increase in profitability of operation of cold stores under present conditions is not possible without restructuring of cold combines. The restructuring includes: arrangement of smaller capacity cold rooms in large compatible rooms that were previously included in the design and now exist at the enterprises; affective system of air cooling of low- temperature rooms with forced air modification; use of completely new derating devices with longitudinal finning instead of standard winding finning; use of heat reflecting materials; improvement of refrigeration treatment of meat products; use of heat exchange apparatuses and devices with the use of electrical convection which allows to manage heat and mass exchange processes; introduction of meat freezing using electrical convection.

At the present time the method of short-term storage of unpacked frozen meat at -12 C instead of -18 C has been developed and being introduced for conditions of increased freight turnover. It ensures the reduction of energy consumption and specific refrigeration consumption in the subsystem of artificial refrigeration consumption by 1.5 times in case of cold rooms loading at 25%. With the loading increase to 100% there will la 3.7-4-fold reduction of refrigeration consumption with the preservation of quality characteristics of products under storage.

Refrigeration Technology. 2002;91(3):7-8
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Danfoss ADAP-KOOL® automated control system

Fetisov Y.Y.


Danfoss company presents the electronic system of control and monitoring of refrigeration equipment ADAP-KOOL. This system provides the automatic recording and representation of all the current performance parameters and systems operational characteristics of the refrigeration equipment of supermarkets and other large objects. ADAP-KOOL is capable of implementing the automatic recording of systems parameters and events and also giving signals about the faults appeared, and providing the remote control of equipment in emergency situations.

Complex use of ADAP-KOOL allows to have a substantial saving of expenditures through the reduction to the minimum of products spoilage, reduction of labor force, power saving (up to 30 % from total consumption). One of the main particular features of ADAP-KOOL is the use of electronic expansion valves of pulse type which don't need control, can be used with any refrigerants and work in the broadest range of temperatures and capacities (10-100 %).

Besides the evaporators controllers, Danfoss offers the controllers of capacity. These controllers, apart from standard set of functions, such as balancing the number of hours of running compressors and condenser fens, night conditions of work, control of compressors with several of capacity, have a number of new functions.

Refrigeration Technology. 2002;91(3):9-11
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Optimization of refrigeration systems based on Alfa Laval heat exchange equipment

Grigoriev S.K.


The semi-welded plate heat exchangers are welt established to a variety of applications which include: evaporator, condenser, oil cooler, desuperheater, cubcooler, economizer. Semi-welded PH Es are compact, it is means that these to require extremely tow refrigerant charges and minimum space. They are more effective than shell -and-tube heat exchangers and designed for use with ammonia. These units have Gosgortehnadzor permission.

The use of Alfa Laval equipment allows to optimize the operation of refrigeration systems owing to decrease of the ammonia consumption and improvement of thermodynamic characteristics.

Refrigeration Technology. 2002;91(3):12-13
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State of the refrigeration industry during the First World War (1914-1918)

Rogatko S.A.


Before the First World War, there were 379 refrigerating plants (ice machines, refrigerators, refrigerated warehouses, etc.) in the Russian Empire, but they were distributed unevenly over the territory of the country: 297 plants in the European part of Russia, only 13 in Siberia and Far East, 55 in the Caucasus and 14 in Turkestan. The biggest concentration of the rigs was in big cities: 78 in Moscow, 60 in St. Petersburg, 18 in Baku, 15 in Riga, 13 in Odessa and Warsaw, 10 in Kiev. Besides that, in Russia 29 ship refrigerating plants were mounted on cruisers, barges and merchant ships and about 3500 ice-cars were operated on the railroads. Refrigeration units operated mainly on ammonia, rarely - on carbon dioxide, in exceptional cases - on sulfur dioxide.

Refrigeration Technology. 2002;91(3):14-16
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Technoblock: readiness №1


The peculiarity of the activity of firms selling refrigeration equipment is to some extent pronounced seasonality of their work. In this regard, the preparation for the season, which usually falls at the end of February - mid-March, occupies a special place. During this period, all the organizational, commercial and technical issues determining the prospects of the company development and ensuring its success on the Russian market are solved to the maximum extent. This article describes how TECHNOBLOCK has prepared itself for the upcoming season.

Refrigeration Technology. 2002;91(3):18-19
pages 18-19 views

Air conditioning and refrigeration system of artificial ice rinks

Kokorin O.Y.


Two schemes of arrangement of air exchange (the traditional one based on mixing, and the modern one based on displacement) are compared. It is shown that the use of the displacement scheme of arrangement of air exchange leads to considerable reduction of energy consumption with the year round operation of air conditioning system and to improvement of sanitary and hygiene qualities of the air.

Refrigeration Technology. 2002;91(3):20-24
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Design and delivery of Grasso refrigeration equipment


Grasso is one of the largest manufacturers of compressor units and refrigeration machines based on screw and piston compressors. Delivery of new compressor equipment for use within the existing production is often not reduced to simple replacement of the old compressor unit with a new one of the same capacity, but is usually associated with expansion of the entire production and increase in the capacity of the refrigeration plant. At the same time it is necessary to ensure compatibility of the newly installed refrigeration equipment with the existing compressor fleet, to connect to the existing condensers and evaporators, to combine automatic control and emergency protection systems.

Refrigeration Technology. 2002;91(3):29-29
pages 29-29 views

B.S. Babakin, V.A. Vygodin, V.N. Kulagin. Tutorial "Diagnostics of small refrigeration compressors". - Ryazan: Uzorochie, 2000. Circulation 1500 copies.

Plastinin P.I., Semenov B.N.


The textbook is a continuation of the series of textbooks and reference books on refrigeration technology, maintenance, installation, repair of small refrigeration stops and air conditioning systems and is intended for refrigeration specialists and students of relevant specialties. The book consists of an introduction, 10 chapters, 8 appendices and a list of references.

Refrigeration Technology. 2002;91(3):31-32
pages 31-32 views

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