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A new ice field. Zorky Stadium, Krasnogorsk. Autumn 2002

Kuznetsov B.A., Tovaras N.V.


Ball hockey, or "Russian hockey," was the favorite game of our fathers, which in the 1950s and 1960s gathered full mela stadiums. Since the 1990s, the game lost most of its fans, and with them the support of the administrative state structures, television and the press. Ball hockey has remained a popular folk sport only in areas of northern Russia and Siberia. It is impossible to restore interest in this game and make it more spectacular without an artificial ice surface. In the world practice of bandy it is noted that the presence of artificial ice covering stadiums with appropriate training of players allows to show the game of high class, and this is the filling of stadiums with spectators and as a consequence, the advertising, attention of TV and press. All of this has been severely lacking in domestic ball hockey in recent years, which to some extent explains its failures. After analyzing the state of the sport the Presidium of the Russian Ball Hockey Federation adopted a resolution on making it compulsory for all club teams of the top league to have their own stadium with an artificial surface of the playing field.

Refrigeration Technology. 2002;91(12):3-5
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Odessa State Academy of Refrigeration is 80 years old


In the fall of 2002, the Odessa State Academy of Refrigeration (OSAH) celebrated its 80th anniversary. The jubilee events began with the International Scientific and Technical Conference "Modern Problems of Refrigeration Equipment and Technology" held in Odessa State Academy of Refrigeration in September, where topical research and applied works on refrigeration and cryogenic equipment, air conditioning systems, energy-saving technologies, environmental protection, etc. were widely presented. The fact of holding the scientific meeting of such level on the basis of OHAC once more confirmed its international authority.The celebration of anniversary was continued at the solemn meeting and reception held on October 11, 2002 for employees, numerous guests and friends of the Academy, where the results of big and glorious way passed by the Institute were summed up as well as the prospects for the future were outlined. The Academy was warmly congratulated by the representatives of power present at the meeting: Chairman of Odessa regional state administration S. R. Grinevetsky, Deputy Mayor of Odessa V. Y. Kruk as well as Consul-Advisor of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Odessa V. A. Antipenko. From the scientific community of Ukraine the Academy was welcomed by the chairman of the Southern Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine S. A. Andronati and the head of the department of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine P. M. Kulikov. On behalf of the Russian science, the International Academy of Refrigeration and N.E. Bauman Moscow State Technical University, the jubilees were congratulated by Professor A.M. Arkharov. The meeting was also attended by representatives of research, design and engineering organizations and industrial enterprises, universities of Ukraine, Russia and Moldova. All of them warmly congratulated the jubilees and wished the Academy further success and prosperity. Refrigeration" Magazine joins all the warm words said to the address of the jubilees and hopes for continuation of the fruitful cooperation with the Academy. Here is the speech of the Rector of OGAKh Prof. V.V. PRITULA at the solemn celebration of the 80th anniversary of the Academy and the review of the jubilee scientific and technical conference.

Refrigeration Technology. 2002;91(12):6-8
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International Scientific and Technical Conference "Modern Problems of Refrigeration Engineering and Technology"


A conference dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Odessa State Academy of Refrigeration took place September 17-19, 2002. International Academy of Refrigeration (IARC). OJSC "Kislorodmash", NPO "Shtorm" and Odessa Port Plant. Teachers and researchers from academies and universities, specialists from research institutes, representatives of enterprises, companies and firms from Ukraine, Russia, Moldavia, Romania, Poland, Australia, Sweden, Brazil and USA took part in the conference.

Refrigeration Technology. 2002;91(12):8-9
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State and prospects of development of refrigeration technology in the field of adsorption cooling

Samonin V.V., Buzin E.V.


A literature review oriented to determine a position of adsorption cooling in the refrigerating engineering is presented. It is shown that alternative methods of cooling became important for consideration since the image of traditional ones had become globally mixed. The prospects for adsorption cooling associated with the discovery of fundamentally new sorption materials and methods of their studying are considered. Some details of original investigation carried out at the SPb. St. Technical University are also presented.

Refrigeration Technology. 2002;91(12):10-13
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Calculation methods for TEWI of motor transport refrigeration systems

Kirillov N.G.


А technique for the calculation of TEWI for refrigerated transport equipment and for car air conditioning is presented. Principles of improvement of the methods of evaluation of ecological safety of road transport refrigeration systems are stated.

Refrigeration Technology. 2002;91(12):15-18
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New generation of ammonia chillers based on Grasso piston compressors


Grasso has been one of the world leaders in ammonia refrigeration engineering for many years. More than 150 years of experience in design and manufacturing of reciprocating refrigeration compressors and compressor units became the basis for creation on their basis of a new generation of ammonia refrigerating machines for liquid cooling (chillers). Today, Grasso's wide range of chillers satisfies the needs of customers in various industries as well as in the field of air conditioning systems.

Refrigeration Technology. 2002;91(12):22-22
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YORK refrigeration equipment for ice fields


Global experience shows that achieving significant sporting success is only possible with constant training. That is why special facilities are created for many sports. Such facilities for winter sports: skiing, ski jumping, freestyle, biathlon, bobsleigh, ice hockey, figure skating, curling, and speed skating have to meet special requirements for cold supply.

Refrigeration Technology. 2002;91(12):24-25
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Multi-compressor refrigeration units - oil distribution problems

Shishov V.V., Fursov E.V.


At present, centralized refrigeration systems are usually used in salesrooms with an area of more than 500 m2. Multicompressor refrigeration units (MCA) with several compressors connected in parallel are widespread.

Refrigeration Technology. 2002;91(12):30-32
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ICC-2002: new trends in refrigeration technology

Kalnin I.M.


The annual IKK (International Trade Fair for Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Ventilation) is a great event that showcases the progress made in the development of these important areas of technology for our civilization. The 23rd IKK, held from October 16 to 18, 2002 in Nuremberg, was no exception in this regard. More than 700 companies from all over the world and many thousands of visitors took part.

Refrigeration Technology. 2002;91(12):36-37
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New products at IKK-2002

Semenov Y.V.


With the arrival of autumn, it's not just migratory birds that are craving a change of scenery.
In mid-October, in the middle of the golden autumn, refrigerators from all over the world fly to Germany for the IKK trade fair. What attracts them is not the warmth of the south, but the cold that reigns over the three days of the world trade fair grounds.
This year, the venue was the old German city of Nuremberg, now known to us not only as the place where the Nuremberg Trials took place many years ago. For three days the World Forum for Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Ventilation grabbed the attention of a huge number of specialists and entrepreneurs in the refrigeration field. Although everyone had their own reasons for visiting the exhibition - looking for new suppliers, getting acquainted with modern technology, negotiating with long-standing partners - everyone paid attention to the novelties exhibited by leading manufacturers of refrigeration technology.

Refrigeration Technology. 2002;91(12):38-39
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Attention to energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of refrigeration equipment

Gladkov E.V.


Nuremberg is a beautiful and hospitable city in southern Germany with a rich cultural tradition. The center of the city is an ancient fortress - a magnificent architectural ensemble with amazingly beautiful cathedrals, monuments and stone sidewalks. Here you can relax, shop and taste great German beer.
The Old Town was the perfect backdrop for the 23rd International Trade Fair for Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, and Ventilation (IKK).

Refrigeration Technology. 2002;91(12):39-40
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IKK-2002: Electronics, new materials and refrigerants in refrigeration engineering

Velyukhanov V.I.


This year at the IKK exhibition there was a lot of new refrigeration equipment and original technical solutions. I will highlight only, in my opinion, the most important of them and the trends in the development of the refrigeration market in Europe.

Refrigeration Technology. 2002;91(12):40-41
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