Vol 89, No 6 (2000)

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Seventh session of the International Academy of Refrigeration

Lysev I.I.


The first after re-registration in the justice authorities and the seventh General Meeting of the Academy was held in St. Petersburg on April 25 this year. Now it bears the name - Public organization "International Academy of Refrigeration" (the abbreviation remains the same - MAX).

Refrigeration Technology. 2000;89(6):6-7
pages 6-7 views

Retrofit problems of refrigeration equipment with a turbocharger

Belyaeva O.V., Grebenkov A.Z., Timofeev B.D.


Results of analysis of problems connected with the retrofit of refrigeration, equipment with turbocompressor are presented. It is shown that the retrofit of machines of such type should be considered as a temporary measure; in this case it is practical to develop refrigeration equipment with turbocompressor on monosubstances that can be produced in Russia.

Refrigeration Technology. 2000;89(6):8-9
pages 8-9 views

Study of the distillation column of the absorption unit of a water-ammonia refrigeration machine of low productivity

Galimova L.V., Nyrov O.A.


Results f investigations of the absorption assenmbly rectifying tower of a low-capacity' water-ammonia refrigerating machine are presented. It is shown that the matched type dephlegmator of the offered design ensures formation of sufficient amount ofphlegma and the rectifying tower in the scheme of refrigerating machine has a small influence on its efficiency.

Refrigeration Technology. 2000;89(6):10-11
pages 10-11 views

New technique for producing high purity neon and helium using cryogenic technology

Arkharov A.M., Arkharov I.A., Purtov S.N., Bondarenko V.L., Losyakov N.P., Rura V.N., Simonenko Y.M., Savinov M.Y., Kapralov P.A., Volynsky P.I., Bronstein A.S., Golubev A.A., Belov M.Y., Grafov A.P.


A complex of plants has been created for wasteless purification of neon and helium at 28... 68K. A single technological chain for obtaining rare gases with the purity up to 99.9999% from atmospheric air has been formed. An analysis of dynamics of world production of neon and main directions of its applications are given.

Refrigeration Technology. 2000;89(6):14-18
pages 14-18 views

Suspended ammonia air coolers type AVP

Tovaras N.V., Prozorova T.V.


OOO NPF “Khimholodservis” has developed a new series of suspended ammonia air coolers of the AVP type based on the heat exchange surface taken as the basis for the creation of a number of air coolers of the AVN type.
The effectiveness of such a surface (due to optimal geometric parameters) is confirmed by thermal tests.

Refrigeration Technology. 2000;89(6):19-22
pages 19-22 views

District cooling systems for shops and cold stores


The cooperative trade in the semi-basement premises with counters and showcases of outdated design is becoming a thing of the past. The future, especially in large cities, belongs to supermarkets with centralized refrigeration of commercial equipment.

Refrigeration Technology. 2000;89(6):23-23
pages 23-23 views

Alfa Laval semi-welded condensers and oil coolers

Sorokin S.S.


Most Russian enterprises equipped with refrigeration systems currently use exhausted evaporative condensers. To replace them, they often offer similar devices with a slightly updated range of components. However, these devices have a number of fundamental shortcomings.

Refrigeration Technology. 2000;89(6):24-27
pages 24-27 views

Piston rings? No problem New piston rings for refrigeration compressors

Afonsky V.P., Vetrenyuk S.T.


Reliable, durable and economical operation of reciprocating refrigeration compressors, as well as automobile engines, depends on the performance properties of components and parts. The most important parts of the piston mechanism are sealing and oil scraper rings, which prevent the leakage of compressed gas into the crankcase and the removal of lubricating oil into the compression cavity.
These rings must have high wear resistance and low coefficient of friction, quickly run in and prevent active wear of cylinder liners.

Refrigeration Technology. 2000;89(6):28-29
pages 28-29 views

Production association "OWEN". Compressor under protection


There is a joke in everyday life that the problems with the power supply of the compressor increase in direct proportion to the distance from the installed refrigeration machine to Moscow. Unfortunately, there is a lot of truth in this joke.

Refrigeration Technology. 2000;89(6):30-30
pages 30-30 views

Vsevolod Sergeevich Shcherbakov


A remarkable person, a prominent specialist in the field of automation of refrigeration engineering, an honored inventor of the Russian Federation, Vsevolod Sergeevich Shcherbakov, has passed away.

Refrigeration Technology. 2000;89(6):33-33
pages 33-33 views

Respirators antigas RPG-67 and universal RU-60M


Respirators are designed to protect the respiratory organs from vapor-gaseous harmful substances at concentrations not exceeding 10 ... 15 mg/m3 MPC, and the RU-60M model is also designed to protect against harmful aerosols at concentrations up to 100 mg/m3. They can be used in all climatic zones of Russia at chemically hazardous enterprises, when working with fertilizers and pesticides, on time for painting and loading and unloading.

Refrigeration Technology. 2000;89(6):34-34
pages 34-34 views

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