Vol 93, No 4 (2004)

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Local-central air conditioning systems in a shopping mall in Moscow

Kokorin O.Y., Smirnova I.N.


An example of calculation of operational regimes of local-central air conditioning systems in a sales area in summer and winter seasons is presented.

A scheme and a principle of operation of such systems are given.

Refrigeration Technology. 2004;93(4):2-6
pages 2-6 views

On thermal conductivity and viscosity of gaseous alternative refrigerants at atmospheric pressure

Tsvetkov O.B., Laptev Y.A.


A combination of strongly theoretical approaches and heuristic scenarios to the calculation of transport coefficients of dilute gases is presented. It is shown that the fundamental theoretical models do not contain adjustable parameters and allows the description of transport properties of pure HCFCand HFC refrigerants, and their mixtures including polar fluids. The validity of this scheme was confirmed by comparison of calculated results to experimental values made for sixth pure refrigerants, two ternary and one binary mixtures (R32, R123, R124, RI25, R134a, Rl43a, R404A, R407C and R410A). Agreement of the present values with those of some experimental results are quite satisfactory.

Refrigeration Technology. 2004;93(4):10-13
pages 10-13 views

Two-stage screw compressor units "Grasso"


Grasso is a recognized leader in the production of industrial refrigeration equipment.

Refrigeration Technology. 2004;93(4):14-14
pages 14-14 views

New piston compressors "Octagon". Part 2: Winning Features*


Taking into account all the main advantages and disadvantages of the considered types of compressors, Bitzer has created a new series of Octagon reciprocating compressors, in which, in order to improve them, a number of essential parameters have been modified, including: smooth running and noise characteristics, efficiency, performance controllability, overall dimensions and weight, cost.

Refrigeration Technology. 2004;93(4):16-18
pages 16-18 views

Reliable chillers manufactured by NPF "Khimholodservis"

Tovaras N.V., Makarov A.A., Voronkov O.G., Khomenko S.V., Lobov O.V., Rakitin D.I.


NPF “Khimholodservis” is one of the few organizations in Russia dealing with refrigeration that create equipment and independently master its production. The development of new equipment is one of the main activities of the company. It is known that new products corresponding to the world technical level appear as a result of many years of work of scientists, researchers, designers, testers, technologists. the potential of our specialists, who went through a good school at VNIIholodmash, at the Kompressor plant, at the Turbokholod Research Institute, at Cryogenmash. At the same time, the contribution of VNIIholodmash and VNIHI to the development of general concepts for improving refrigeration and auxiliary equipment adopted by the company's employees should be noted. Starting with development of heat exchangers and having successfully mastered a number of samples, the company constantly expanded its own production. The global task solved by its specialists was the creation of a complete set of efficient refrigeration and auxiliary equipment for completing modern refrigeration plants. refrigerating ammonia and freon installations. According to the technical level, the equipment of "Khimholodservis" surpasses domestic analogues and is at the level of the best world samples.

Refrigeration Technology. 2004;93(4):20-23
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Aircool LLC presents new series of Alfa Laval heat exchange equipment


Airkul LLC, a major supplier of refrigeration equipment, through its extensive dealer network, actively introduces the latest developments in the field of the latest refrigeration equipment components on the Russian market.

Refrigeration Technology. 2004;93(4):24-24
pages 24-24 views

Victory is ours


Introducing AlfaNova. Here is a new heat exchanger from Alfa Laval. It is based on the innovative AlfaFusion plate soldering technology. A significant advantage of this model is that it is completely made of stainless steel. This is an undeniable technological achievement that can make your life easier even when conditions become unbearable for traditional shell and tube heat exchangers.

Refrigeration Technology. 2004;93(4):25-25
pages 25-25 views

Danfoss performance controllers are a great choice

Fetisov Y.Y.


Danfoss has a wide range of condensing unit controls for commercial, commercial and industrial refrigeration. This article introduces the reader to the model range and distinctive features of the proposed performance controllers.

Refrigeration Technology. 2004;93(4):26-27
pages 26-27 views

TERMOCHRON technology - a new word in the control of refrigeration equipment operating modes


The proposed technology of temperature monitoring, based on the use of TERMOCHRON electronic devices, can be successfully used to control the temperature regime of various units of refrigeration and freezing equipment at all stages of their testing and operation.

Refrigeration Technology. 2004;93(4):28-28
pages 28-28 views

Compressor oil circulation in a refrigeration plant

Shishov V.V.


A feature of freon refrigeration systems is the use of oils that are mutually soluble with the refrigerant, which allows solving the problem of returning oil from the system to the compressor crankcase without automation devices. In sections of the pipeline (suction and discharge lines), where the refrigerant / oil have different aggregate states (steam / liquid), oil retention is possible.

Refrigeration Technology. 2004;93(4):29-29
pages 29-29 views

Simulator "Automated freon refrigeration unit"

Oleinikov B.I., Oleinik V.V., Ignatenko E.N.


A complex of computer simulators (refrigerating installation) developed by the company Transac together with Dalrybvtuz is designed for study of operation principle and control of refrigerating installations under different operating conditions and with different consumers. Simulators «refrigerating installation of provision stores» and «automatic refrigerating installation of air conditioning system» are considered in detail.

Refrigeration Technology. 2004;93(4):40-44
pages 40-44 views



The jubilee 10th Russian Construction Week (for the first years it was called Mosbilt-Batimat) was held in Moscow from April 6 to April 9, 2004. Every year it is replenished with new industry exhibitions. So, this year for the first time within the framework of the week the exhibitions “Metal in Construction” and “Technoceramics” were held.
Traditionally, the construction week was organized by ITE Group Plc with the support of the Government of the Russian Federation, Gosstroy of Russia, the Government of Moscow and the Union of Architects of Russia, as well as with the assistance of Expocentre.
The expositions were deployed at three leading exhibition venues in Moscow - at the Expocentre on Krasnaya Presnya, at the Olimpiysky sports complex and at the World Trade Center. In addition to exhibitions, specialists were invited to participate in the 5th Moscow International Conference MosBuild 2004 and the 6th International Forum on Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.
The Russian Construction Week brought together more than 1,500 exhibiting companies from more than 30 countries of the world.

Refrigeration Technology. 2004;93(4):46-47
pages 46-47 views

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