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Software complex monitoring of industrial facilities


For remote monitoring of the state of refrigeration facilities, Airkul LLC offers a series of devices and ACC-MONITOR software. Distributed monitoring system "ACS-MONITOR" is designed for remote monitoring of such parameters of objects as temperature, humidity and pressure.

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(10):6-6
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One- and two-phase liquid refrigerants

Tsvetkov O.B., Laptev Y.A., Kolodyaznaya V.S.


Properties and effectiveness of use of single- and two-phase secondary refrigerants arc compared. The advantages of two-phase cooling media ensuring a higher value or heat-transfer coefficient are shown. It this case the amount of cooling medium in the system is reduced, thi distance of cold transportation is increased and refrigeration losses in main pipelines are reduced.

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(10):8-12
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Compact chillers

Board E.


In this issue, another series of compact chillers based on screw and piston compressors operating on ammonia and freons is considered.

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(10):13-13
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Conversion of large ammonia refrigeration compressors to run without lubrication

Zakharenko V.P.


The article describes the conversion of lur^t ammonia compressors AO-600 and AKG-56» lubrication-free operation. Design of pistons has been changed for this purpose: steel welded and cast aluminium pistons of lightweight construction have been developed. A procedure for putting of supporting-guide rings from the materials AFC 80BC and F4K20 on a piston has been developed. Comparative tests of seals and supporting rings from these materials have been carried out. Asa result of the investigations large ammonia refrigerating compressors AO-1200 217 without lubrication of cylinders and glands have been developed and their commercial production was started.

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(10):14-15
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Refrigeration fittings from CASTEL


We continue to acquaint readers with the products offered by the company. Today we will talk about the refrigeration fittings of the well-known European manufacturer CASTEL, widely used in the configuration of refrigeration units in many countries of the world.

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(10):16-16
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Russia's first typical mini-plant for the production of liquefied natural gas

Khodorkov I.L.


The principal technical solutions for a typical mini-factory commissioned by ZAO-Sigma-gas in the town of Peterhof (Saint-Petersbourg) on the basis of previous liquefaction plant are presented.

To increase refrigerating capacity of the main1 throttle separation cycle an external refrigerating circuit for high pressure gas hased on a two-stage freon refrigerating machine K-127 was used.

An increase in working pressure of the cycle I from 120-140 bar to 180—190 bar with the substitution of the recuperative heat exchanger I for the heat exchanger developed by ООО I Intellect was also a contributing factor in essential increase in refrigerating capacity о the installation.

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(10):18-19
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Low temperature refrigeration units


Today, the Russian market is dominated by new, different from traditional approaches to the design and configuration of large-capacity central industrial refrigeration units.

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(10):22-23
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Refrigeration equipment for the food industry


The Prostor-L company has been operating on the Russian market since 1996. If at the beginning of its activity it specialized in sales of filling and packaging equipment for the production of ice cream and dairy products, today it is the leader among domestic manufacturers of technological equipment, including refrigeration, for various branches of the food industry. The company has its own production base - a workshop with an area of ​​​​more than 2000 m2 with tool, welding and procurement, assembly, electrical installation, painting and packaging areas, a large warehouse for finished products and a warehouse for components. The equipment manufactured by Prostor-L goes along the technological chain from the stage of the working drawing to packaging in containers and sending it to the consumer. This process allows you to control the quality of equipment manufacturing at any stage of production. Prostor-L manufactures and supplies a wide range of equipment using components directly from manufacturers, which allows you to solve technical problems of any complexity, ensuring complete completeness, minimum terms and optimal the price of the supplied equipment. Among the main suppliers are well-known European companies: Bitzer, Copeland, Mycom, Giintner, Carly, Danfoss, Herl, Alfa Laval, Eliwell, Omron, ABB, Legrand, Allen-Bradley, etc.

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(10):24-25
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Method for predicting the consistency of ice cream during hardening

Kosoy V.D., Egorov A.V.


As a result of experimental investigations a mathematical base for prediction and designing 4 new kinds of ice-cream with pre-determined chemical composition and consistency was established. Consistency of the ice-cream is evaluated by a rheological characteristic - a maximum sham stress. A chemical composition (moisture, fat, protein, carbohydrates) is evaluated by the comply index that we suggest.

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(10):28-29
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"SPK snow" on Sakhalin


One of his contemporaries wrote: "Interests turn into boundaries with age." Perhaps for some this is the case. But the "Specialized Production Plant SNOW" with age only expands the boundaries, the boundaries of its technical and geographical capabilities. The participation of "SPK SNEG" in the recent exhibition "Fish Industry-2001" can serve as confirmation of this. The General Director of SPK SNEG, MIKHAIL ALEKSEEVICH BOGOMOLNIKOV, tells

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(10):30-30
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Seminar "SPK Snow"


Each person, each company, having achieved the goal, comes to the conclusion that another goal is needed, a higher bar, that it is necessary to transfer experience, share the knowledge that you have. "Specialized production plant SNOW" in this sense is no exception. Organization and holding of training events for both its employees and customers is one of the priority areas of activity of SPK SNEG.

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(10):31-31
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"Fish Industry-2001"


In the period from 19 to 21 September this year in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk was held the next V International Exhibition-Fair "Fish Industry-2001".
It was organized by the State Committee of the Russian Federation for Fisheries together with the administration of the Sakhalin Region.

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(10):31-31
pages 31-31 views

Program of Conferences of the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIH) for 2002


International Exhibition "Refrigeration Equipment, Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation, Frozen Food Processing, Packaging and Storage" - April 2002, Shanghai (China).

Refrigeration Technology. 2001;90(10):40-40
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