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Software complex for monitoring industrial facilities


Firm "Eirkul", consistently introducing new technologies in the organization of remote monitoring of the state of refrigeration equipment, presents a series of devices and software "ACC-MONITOR".

Refrigeration Technology. 2000;89(7):5-5
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Development direction of Carrier chillers


Today we will not dwell on the features of each refrigeration machine, but will highlight those major trends in the industry that will determine air conditioning over the next decade. It is common knowledge that Carrier is a trendsetter, primarily in refrigeration technology. Therefore, this article describes those innovations that allow the company to firmly hold the first place among the manufacturers of refrigeration equipment.

Refrigeration Technology. 2000;89(7):6-7
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Automated freeze-drying complex with a gas refrigeration machine

Lyapin V.I., Gromov A.V., Kharechko A.T., Limorenko A.P., Tsydendambaev C.C., Gukov V.V., Rudakov V.V.


automated freeze-drying complex has been developed by JSC “SIBKRIOTEKHN/KA ” to produce dehydrated pharmaceutical and biological preparations. The complex comprises a vertical-type vacuum chamber with built- in condenser; vacuum refrigeration plant based on the Stirling CFC-free gas refrigeration machine; computer-aided automatic control system and a complete set of technological equipment including a stand with heating shelves. The automatic control system provides a freeze-drying process in accordance with the prescribed program individual for each preparation.

Refrigeration Technology. 2000;89(7):8-9
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Experience of the Russian-Danish Training Center on the use of alternative substitutes for R12

Graule A.A., Zotikov V.S., Samoylenko V.I., Ukolov V.S.


Under the training program approved by Danish Environment Protection Agency (DEPA) a Russian-Danish Training Centre for raising the level of refrigeration technicians" skill is established in St.Petersburg at JSC ”SPb CRE”.

As part of the program the students become acquainted with (1) International and Russian legislation on the ozone layer protection; (2) technical essentials of CDS substituents application; (3) practical skills in the technology of the substituents usage in operating refrigeration plants.

Non-ozone-depleting refrigerant R134a and transient refrigeration blend ASTRON 12 (group C10M1) are taken for R12 substituents in the education program.

R134a is applied in refrigeration equipment retrofit procedures and ASTRON 12 is used as a "drop-in” R12 substituent in refrigeration machinery under operation.

Refrigeration Technology. 2000;89(7):10-13
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Seminar on the problem of conversion of refrigeration equipment to ozone-friendly refrigerants


A seminar on this topical topic was held on April 26 this year at the National Hotel by the DuPont company with the participation of specialists from VNIIholodmash-Holding and the Kholod-byt Association. It was attended by more than 100 people - representatives of various companies and organizations, research and design institutes, chemical industry enterprises, etc.

Refrigeration Technology. 2000;89(7):14-15
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Replacement of ozone depleting substances used as refrigerants

Morley J., Markina T.


The development of the refrigeration industry, which is an indispensable link in the modern food production chain (as well as in many other areas of modern human activity), was due to the invention and development in the 30s of safe liquid refrigerants, which were halogenated carbons. At that time, these substances were received with great enthusiasm as a miracle of science, because they are chemically inert, non-flammable (some of them are even used as fire extinguishing agents), low toxicity and effective as refrigerants.

Refrigeration Technology. 2000;89(7):15-16
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Two-Stage Screw Compressor Units Grasso International


As a result of more than 30 years of experience, design and implementation of many promising innovations, a new generation of GRASSO screw compressor units (former Kuhlautomat plant) has been created. They were developed specifically for industrial refrigeration units, taking into account the operating conditions in Russia and the requirements of GOSGORTEKHNADZOR.

Refrigeration Technology. 2000;89(7):17-17
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Efficient ammonia air coolers type ABH

Tovaras N.V., Prozorova T.V.


Efficient ammonia air coolers of the AVN type, developed by LLC NPF Khimholodservis, whose advantages are described in the journal Kholodilnaya Tekhnika No. 4 and 5, 1999, are increasingly in demand among the consumer of these products.

Refrigeration Technology. 2000;89(7):19-22
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Products of the Moscow plant "Compressor"

Silman M.A.


The history and main activities of JSC “Moscow Refrigeration Engineering Plant “Kompressor” OJSC were described in the magazine “Kholodilnaya Tekhnika” No. 12/1999.

Refrigeration Technology. 2000;89(7):26-27
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Dunham-Bush International in the Russian market

Board E.


DUNHAM-BUSH International (USA) has been developing and manufacturing high-performance refrigeration equipment for various purposes and air conditioning units for over 100 years.

Refrigeration Technology. 2000;89(7):28-29
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Happy Anniversary! Viktor Pavlovich Chepurnenko is 70 years old


On February 9, 2000, Viktor Pavlovich Chepurnenko, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Vice-Rector of the Odessa State Academy of Refrigeration (OSAH), Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Vice-President of the Ukrainian Branch of the International Academy of Refrigeration, celebrated his 70th birthday.

Refrigeration Technology. 2000;89(7):31-31
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Journey to the world of Isora


Continuing to acquaint readers of the magazine with ThermiSol Finland Oy and its products (see “Refrigeration Equipment” No. 5, 7, 11 for 1999 and No. 4 for 2000), we present in this issue a photo report of our correspondent about a trip with a group of Russian specialists to Finland, organized by this company. The participants of the trip were shown buildings and structures in various cities built or being built using ISORA building heat-insulating panels.

Refrigeration Technology. 2000;89(7):32-33
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Introducing the leader LU-VE CONTARDO


Since its formation in 1928, LU-VE CONTARDO has been recognized as the world leader in the development and production of Certify Afi Afr Cooted Condenseri

Refrigeration Technology. 2000;89(7):34-35
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