Vol 92, No 4 (2003)

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Formation of the scientific structure and the portfolio of innovative projects of the organization

Garaev Y.G.


One of the most important goals in the development of science and technology is the transition to an innovative way of development of the country on the basis of chosen priorities. The achievement of this goal is solved by creating organizational and economic mechanisms for increasing the demand for innovations by domestic production, improving the normative-legal base of innovation activity, adapting the scientific and technical complex to the conditions of the market economy and carrying out other measures.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(4):2-5
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Ammonia refrigerating machines with small refrigerant charge

Bershitsky B.M., Galezha V.B., Silman M.A., Yalimova E.I.


Moscow Kompressor Plant, a traditional domestic manufacturer of ammonia refrigeration equipment, following the modern trend of expanding the use of ammonia - a natural refrigerant safe for the environment - and using the opportunities provided in the post-Soviet period to purchase components for its products from leading world companies, has conducted work on creating a number of fully automated refrigerators with a small charge of ammonia.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(4):6-7
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Alternative domestic and commercial refrigeration equipment based on water-ammonia absorption-diffusion refrigeration machines

Titlov A.S.


In the article are described the advantages of absorption type domestic refrigeration apparatuses where modern technical and technological solutions are used: positions of the evaporator outside the refrigerating compartment, use of heat gains on the basis of evaporator-condensation systems and cold-accumulating materials, use of systems of automatic controls.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(4):9-12
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Driecoolers and condensers with Water Spray System (LU-VE)


Usually, dry coolers and condensers are selected based on peak load at maximum outdoor temperatures. But in such extreme conditions the units operate only for a short period of time during the year. The rest of the time, under less demanding conditions, the equipment will have excessive performance.
To solve this problem, LU-VE Contardo offers a new type of equipment, which can be selected and calculated for moderate operating conditions, but for a short period of time increase its capacity to maximum values.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(4):18-19
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Bitzer technical seminar in Moscow


On March 3, 2003, the Renaissance Hotel in Moscow hosted a seminar organized by Bitzer with the purpose of introducing specialists to its latest technical developments, scientific research and new equipment samples, as well as sales figures for Bitzer equipment in Russia last year and plans for 2003. The seminar was attended by leading technical specialists of Bitzer Kühlmaschinenbau GmbH Mr. Ralf Blumhart and Volkmar Pfeil, Sales Manager for Russia Mr. Johann Vranich, specialists from Bitzer CIS: Deputy General Director O.E. Zhadko and engineer D.V. Kornivets, as well as representatives of Russian refrigeration companies - partners of Bitzer and specialized periodicals.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(4):20-21
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SAB 80 series screw compressor units (YORK)


The SAB 80 series of high-tech screw compressor units is the result of York's 35 years of experience in designing and manufacturing refrigeration machines. The technical characteristics of this series ensure high efficiency, a gentle environmental impact, total reliability, easy and inexpensive maintenance.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(4):24-25
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Equipment for rapid freezing of semi-finished products (Cryotech)


Continuous freezers of ASPL type with a chain conveyor and suspended cradles are widely used in the food industry, meat processing plants and fish factories, in the production of ice cream, in the freezing of mushrooms and vegetables.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(4):26-27
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Plate freezers

Akhmetzyanov M.T.


Characteristics of machines given in brochures and price lists, which are a source of primary information, are rather relative and can only serve as a guide. The real capacity depends on the freezing time and the single load of the product.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(4):31-32
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Ecologically safe antifreeze "Ecosol"


At the dawn of this century in 2000 work on creation of a new coolant-antifreeze with a range of working temperatures -65 ... +106 °С, called "Ecosol" was completed. It was created as an alternative to coolants based on aqueous solutions of ethylene and propylene glycol, the first of which is extremely toxic, and the second can not operate at temperatures below -30 ° C, as well as widely used but corrosive solutions of calcium and sodium chlorides.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(4):33-33
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Multiplaz-2500 small-sized water plasma unit for soldering, brazing and welding

Ermishin Y.M.


Russian specialists have created a unique manual multifunctional water plasma tool for soldering, brazing and welding.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(4):34-35
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Boris Sergeevich Babakin is 60 years old


The rectorate, teaching staff, graduate students and students of Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology heartily congratulate you, the famous scientist, major specialist in the field of refrigeration engineering and technology, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Dean of the Faculty "Refrigeration engineering and technology", Head of the Department "Refrigeration engineering" and just a wonderful man with the 60th anniversary.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(4):38-38
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Heat & Vent 2003


Within the framework of the annual traditional spring "Russian Construction Week" organized by ITE Group Plc with the assistance of ZAO "Expocentre" and support of the State Construction Committee of Russia, the Union of Architects of Russia and the Moscow Government, the 8th Moscow International Exhibition "Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Artificial Cooling Systems" (Heat & Vent Moscow 2003) took place in the Exhibition Complex on Krasnaya Presnya.
During the exhibition the 5th International Forum "Heating. Ventilation. Air Conditioning". More than 90 companies from Russia, the Netherlands, Austria, United Arab Emirates, Finland, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Poland, France, Great Britain, Switzerland, Sweden, took part in the exhibition. More than a half of the companies represented equipment, materials or components for air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(4):42-43
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Cold storage of fruits and vegetables in Germany

Koptelov K.A.


This review is based on materials from various German publications. Understanding that Russia has its own standards for the refrigerated storage of vegetable products, the editors nevertheless consider it advisable to publish the recommendations of German specialists, so that Russian specialists involved in the processing and storage of fruits and vegetables could compare these standards and draw appropriate conclusions. Some current recommendations for cold storage in Russia are based on outdated research results. In addition, fruits and vegetables that were unknown in Russia 20 years ago have appeared on the market, so there are almost no data on their storage in Russian publications.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(4):45-47
pages 45-47 views

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