Vol 92, No 12 (2003)

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Advantages of autonomous plants for co-generation of electricity, heat and cold

Kokorin O.Y.


Usefulness of establishing of independent thermal power stations (mini-TES) for production of electrical energy and heat on the basis of gaspiston generators for electric power, heat and cold supply to office and public buildings is considered. Daily schedules of consumption of these kinds of energy and a schedule of heat and cold production at the TES are given; possibilities of use of surplus heat as produced on the TES for the needs of cooling with the help of adsorption refrigerating machines are described. An example of calculation of two versions of energy supply to the building: from the mains and from the independent line of TES is considered; economic advantage of the second version is calculated.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(12):3-6
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Stirling refrigeration machine design method

Kirillov N.G.


А universal design procedure of reverse cycle Stirling machines (cryogenic, refrigerating machines of moderate refrigeration and heat pumps) has been proposed. The design is based on a two-level multiple parameters optimization. On the first level, using an adiabatic mathematical model the parameters of the exergetic efficiency of the ideal Stirling machine. On the second level, using a hydrodynamic model, the optimization is carried out for obtaining the maximum exergetic efficiency of a real machine. In so doing the results of the first level of optimization are used as external factors. According to the proposed procedure characteristics of a Stirling refrigerating machine with the capacity 50 kW are calculated.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(12):8-11
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Investigation of heat exchange conditions in long-length flat channels in laminar flow regime

Ulitenko A.I., Pushkin V.A., Sokolovsky E.I., Romanov I.N.


Results of the investigations of heat transfer in large extent flat channels with laminar mode of liquid flow and boundary conditions maximally approximating the operational conditions of real straight-flow chillers of new milk are considered. The scheme of the experimental installation, design of the models being investigated and the technique of mathematical treatment of the experimental results are described. During generalization of the experimental data a criterion correlation for the calculation and optimization of operational conditions of such devices is obtained. As the experience of designing of the normal series of straight-flow chillers shows, the obtained correlation has a good agreement with test results.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(12):14-16
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Creation and improvement of mobile high-pressure gasification units

Shchelkonogov Y.I., Kels L.M., Kanchuga G.A., Alekseev A.A., Vlasenko N.P., Krivobok N.A.


Experience in the development of different modifications of gasification plants based on transporting means is considered.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(12):18-19
pages 18-19 views

BOA automatic air separator

Yelchinov V.P., Shuyakov A.L., Gimelfarb I.S., Kaftannikov S.S.


The presence of non-condensing gases in the refrigeration system is one of the reasons that disturb the normal operation of the refrigeration system. Their harmful effect is manifested in increase of condensation pressure, intensification of corrosion, deterioration of heat transfer in heat exchangers, increase of power consumption and operating costs for generation of cold.
It is impossible to avoid the presence of air in the refrigeration system: it enters the units and compressors during repair work, as well as through leaks in joints and gland seals. When air and other non-condensing gases are removed directly from the refrigeration system components, there is lost a big quantity of the refrigerant, which among other things creates the problem of environmental pollution, and at ammonia facilities - the problem of safety of servicing personnel. That is why, "Safety rules for ammonia refrigeration facilities" PB 09-595-03 regulate using of special apparatus - air separator.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(12):20-21
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ThermoCool - the path to development


At the end of November 2003, the ThermoCool Group of Companies turned five years old.
Over the past five years of dynamic development, a small company primarily engaged in the design and installation of industrial refrigeration, ventilation and air conditioning systems, has transformed into the ThermoCool Group of Companies. This made it possible to unite into one engineering directions in the spheres of refrigeration, ventilation and air conditioning, life support systems of buildings and constructions, engineering consulting, food additives and ingredients.
The aim of formation of the Group of Companies was to combine the production capacities and accumulated experience of individual enterprises with an effective management scheme within a unified structure, which makes it possible to perform technical tasks of varying complexity with high quality and in the shortest possible time. The use of energy-saving, fully automated equipment and the latest technology in our work provides our customers with return on investment and profitability of production.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(12):22-22
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Grasso standalone plate fast freezer


The GPFP 2000 compact self-contained plate freezer consists of two sections: an upper section (freezer plates) and a lower section (compressor and condenser unit). Its operation only requires connection to the circulating water circuit and power supply. The GPFP2000 is designed for freezing a variety of products.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(12):24-24
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Growth intensification strategy


Cryotech Production and Technical Company (PTF) has more than 10 years of history. Today Cryotek is a multi-profile company, providing a full cycle of production of machines and equipment for freezing and storing products (food, fish, meat and dairy) of processing industries, starting from design and manufacturing of separate components and ending with installation of products, their testing in real conditions and warranty service.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(12):26-27
pages 26-27 views

AirCool technical seminar


From November 18 to 20, 2003 the 8th technical seminar of the company "Aircool" was held on the basis of its production and installation complex.
Representatives of more than 40 domestic companies had the opportunity to discuss the problems of design and operation of refrigeration systems and equipment for them.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(12):30-30
pages 30-30 views

II International Scientific and Technical Conference "Low Temperature and Food Technologies in the XXI Century", dedicated to the 300th Anniversary of St. Petersburg


The conference was held on November 12-14, 2003 in St. Petersburg State University of Low Temperature and Food Technologies (SPbGUNiPT). The conference was organized by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, SPb GUN and PT, and the International Academy of Refrigeration (with support from the Committee on Science and Higher Education of the Government of St. Petersburg).

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(12):32-32
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Forum “Pumps. Compressors. Fittings»


From November 24 to 27, 2003, the Cultural and Exhibition Center "Sokolniki" in Moscow hosted the 2nd International Forum "Pumps. Compressors. Fittings" was held in Moscow from November 24 to 27, 2003, in Sokolniki Culture and Exhibition Center. This leading annual industry event was organized by ZAO International Exhibition Company (MVK), Cultural-Exhibition Center Sokolniki, Russian Association of Pump Manufacturers (RAPN), Association of Compressors and Compressor Manufacturers (ASKOMP), Scientific and Industrial Association of the Armature Builders.
During the forum there were specialized exhibitions "Pumps-2003", "Compressor equipment, pneumatics, pneumatic tools-2003", "Fittings-2003", "Drives and Engines-2003", as well as the international scientific and technical conference "Pumps. Problems and Solutions" (organized by RAPN and MVK) and "New Compressor Equipment for Gas, Chemical, Metallurgical and Refrigeration Industries" (organized by ASKOMP and MVK), and also XIV Scientific and Practical Conference of Scientific and Industrial Association of Reinforcing Arms Builders (NPAA) with international participation "Modern Reinforcing Arms. Trends in Industry Development".
The forum was attended by over 300 organizations from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, Czech and Slovak Republics, Romania, Germany, India, Italy, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey and France.

Refrigeration Technology. 2003;92(12):34-35
pages 34-35 views

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