Vol 93, No 9 (2004)

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New installations for rapid freezing of foodstuffs with low-temperature air expanded in a turbo-expander

Arkharov A.M., Kobulashvili A.S., Rosenoer T.M., Zhuravleva I.N., Wenger K.P., Antonov A.A.


A possibility of use of turborefrigerators of type ATR working on the principle of the air refrigeration cycle for food technological processes is considered. The characteristics of turborefrigerators and turbo-detanders whose standard sizes were adapted to parametric range of screw compressors are presented.

On the basis of ATR and appropriate compressors the air refrigerating units ARA are created, that have become the basis for freezing-refrigerating-thermal stations (MHTS) producing cold for quickfreezing apparatuses and also low potential heat.

Characteristics of a tunnel quick-freezing apparatus STAB, which obtains refrigeration from turborefrigerator are given, and its comparison with other types of tunnel apparatuses is carried out.

Refrigeration Technology. 2004;93(9):2-7
pages 2-7 views

Single-stage screw compressor units "Grasso"

kollegiya R.


For more than 30 years Grasso has been supplying the Russian market with screw compressor units that have proven themselves in the chemical, beer and meat and dairy industries, as well as on ships.

Refrigeration Technology. 2004;93(9):8-8
pages 8-8 views

Air coolers air condensers Goedhart

kollegiya R.


Let me introduce you the manufacturer of air coolers and air-cooled condensers, Goedhart Cooling Equipment B. V. and its subsidiary Goedhart Bohemia. Our equipment can be found on every continent, on land and sea, in the air on airplanes and in space (several meters of heat exchange surface were manufactured by the Goedhart factory for the Skylab space laboratory).

Refrigeration Technology. 2004;93(9):10-11
pages 10-11 views

Comparative analysis of air and plate freezers

Meshcheryakov A.N., Maslakov V.N.


Freezing products in both air and plate freezers is widespread. What type of equipment to give preference in a particular case? What is the effectiveness of the devices from a technical and economic point of view? To answer these questions, we will conduct a comparative analysis of air and plate quick freezers.

Refrigeration Technology. 2004;93(9):13-14
pages 13-14 views

Refrigeration distribution terminal with monitoring system

Velyukhanov V.I., Koptelov K.A.


The magazine “Refrigeration Technology” (No. 5/2004) told about the design, manufacture and commissioning of test climatic chambers carried out by the company “Frigodesign”. The article published in this issue is devoted to another area of ​​the company's activity - the design, supply of equipment and assembly of multi-compressor refrigeration systems for warehouses and storage terminals for frozen and chilled products. At one of the recently commissioned terminals, the Frigodesign company installed a monitoring system for remote control of the temperature regime in the chambers and control of the operation of refrigeration equipment from a remote computer

Refrigeration Technology. 2004;93(9):16-18
pages 16-18 views

ICV - a new solution for control systems

kollegiya R.


One of the most famous Danfoss products is the PM multifunction valves, which have been used by leading design and installation organizations around the world for many years.

Refrigeration Technology. 2004;93(9):22-23
pages 22-23 views

The use of vertical plate freezers for freezing meat products

kollegiya R.


Plate freezers are widely used for freezing seafood, vegetables, meat products, fruit pulp and concentrates, ready meals.

Refrigeration Technology. 2004;93(9):26-27
pages 26-27 views

Fresh fruits all year round

kollegiya R.


The quality of ripe bananas and the profitability of the "banana" business are largely determined by the seller's ability to store green and yellow bananas, as well as to ripen them in a quality manner within the planned time frame. All this is impossible without knowledge of the main factors affecting the state of these fruits.

Refrigeration Technology. 2004;93(9):28-28
pages 28-28 views

Features of designing air conditioning systems according to new building codes

Kokorin O.Y.


New standards with regards to systems of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and building climatology introduce considerable changes when choosing the regimes of preparation ofthe conditioned air. A higher humidity of the outside air design parameters has required obligatory use of the regimes of refrigeration and drying of the inlet outside air. Based on the use of York equipment, energy efficient air conditioning systems are being developed.

Refrigeration Technology. 2004;93(9):34-38
pages 34-38 views

Fourth generation multi-zone air conditioning system - Sanyo ECO-I W-Multi: features and benefits

kollegiya R.


In August 2004, a technical seminar was held in Japan, where the new Sanyo ECO-I W-Multi multi-zone system was presented for the first time. Representatives of distribution companies from Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and Russia. What distinguishes the new multizone system from previous developments?

Refrigeration Technology. 2004;93(9):39-41
pages 39-41 views

Features of the design of ventilation and air conditioning in the buildings of medical institutions (HCI)*

kollegiya R.


The calculated air temperatures in the serviced area of the premises are determined depending on their purpose in accordance with tables 9 and 10, both for the cold and for the warm period of the year. In the operating room, the air temperature is not more than 22 °C. The relatively low temperature is explained by the increase in the concentration of bacteria during operations and the deterioration in the heat transfer of personnel due to the use of rubber gloves and masks with increasing temperature.

Refrigeration Technology. 2004;93(9):42-44
pages 42-44 views

Presentation of the new refrigerator Siemens

Piskunov V.V.


At the same time, the presentation of the COOL MEDIA combined refrigerator-freezer with a built-in TV took place. The presented model of refrigerator COOL MEDIA SIEMENS KG 39MT90 is a new development of SIEMENS and should enter the Russian market in the IV quarter of 2004. Estimated price is within 2500-3000 euros.

Refrigeration Technology. 2004;93(9):46-47
pages 46-47 views

Cartridge pressure switches type ASV (Saginomiya)

Shishov V.V.


Pressure switches must protect the refrigeration plant from too high discharge pressure and low compressor suction pressure. Increasing the discharge pressure above a certain value can lead to an accident: destruction of the refrigeration unit, jamming of the compressor, burning of electrical windings. Significant reductions in suction pressure impair oil return to the compressor and may also freeze water or ethylene glycol in chillers.

Refrigeration Technology. 2004;93(9):50-50
pages 50-50 views

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